Our most important resource at Gomero is our coworkers, as we are convinced that sustainability and success begin with the individual. Get to know Lennart Johannesson!

How would you describe Gomero in three words?

Innovative, future oriented, sustainability thinking.

Tell us why you chose to work with exactly what you do!

I started programming as a child with our home computer in the 80’s. At that time I also happened to burn up a TV! I probably put the power cord in the wrong place when I connected the computer. Anyways, I like to work solution-oriented, and that’s pretty essential if you are going to work with software development. Towards the end of the 90’s, I started releasing my own computer programs and games online. From there it has continued.

In what way is personal development important to you?

It is important to feel meaning in what you do. When you get the freedom to influence your personal development at your workplace, it never gets boring. You’re never done learning!

How do you think it is to work in an environment that stands for change and development?

This means that you don’t get stuck in old habits, but you think ahead and find new ways to simplify and optimize processes. Our world never stands still, so as a company you have to be prone to change. It is always just as important to be at the forefront, not least for me who works with IT where a lot can happen in a short time.

Tell us about something you are particularly proud of!

The development of internal software for testing and calibrating our measuring cells. With the new software, the entire testing process was automated and our core product could be quality assured in a completely new way. Working with Gomero UI which is our design for the new Sipp App and Sipp Web that I implemented was also fun!