Our most important resource at Gomero is our coworkers, as we are convinced that sustainability and success begin with the individual. Get to know Mattias Rehn!

Tell us about yourself!

My free time revolves a lot around being outdoors, for example long walks with my dog. I enjoy fishing and that also means that I travel a lot in Sweden. Many people like to go to “their” place, but I’m more for testing new waters and finding new challenges I also love cycling. I’ve always liked vehicles on two wheels, and since I got my bike from Gomero I got a whole new love for cycling and I’m very happy about that.

What makes you enjoy working at Gomero?

The responsibility and freedom that comes with it mean a lot to me when it comes to my workplace. I enjoy working in a flat organization where I get to handle my tasks in my own way.

Moreover I really appreciate the sustainability work we do at Gomero. All employees are invested in their own sustainability and health, and taking your own initiatives is encouraged. In just a short time, I feel a big difference, both in my own well-being and when it comes to my view of sustainability in general.

My colleagues also makes me feel happy working here! I like that there’s a wide range of skills and helpfulness, I always get help if there’s something I wonder about. We have a nice atmosphere and team spirit, and we often have interesting discussions.

In what way is personal development important to you?

Without personal development it becomes rather boring, because then you stand still and the spark will go out. It’s important to dare to challenge yourself and try new things.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability can only be something long-term. You invest in yourself to get ready for life, simply to become your best self. Therefore, I think that exercise and physical activity are an important part when it comes to your personal health. It’s something you can do at any level depending on your own personal circumstances.

Another part is of course the environment. It’s important that you take this question seriously and that you understand that everyone can improve in the small things. I alone can’t change anything completely but I can contribute to it. By being aware and always including the sustainability aspect when you make decisions, you will make a difference.