Our most important resource at Gomero is our coworkers, as we are convinced that sustainability and success begin with the individual. Get to know Jozephine Hermansson!

Tell us why you chose to work with exactly what you do!

In short, I want to make the world better by focusing on people’s behavior and development. I usually say that I have always had a big heart and soul when it comes to social development, where all people have their place and should feel valuable. In all the previous jobs I’ve had, I noticed that I was often drawn to the background, why people behave the way they do. Resistance to change or conflicts, for example. I’m like a human engineer who likes to solve problems!

Why do you think people would want to work at Gomero?

I would say that Gomero as a workplace is the perfect combo between heart, brain and sustainability. There is a goodwill and opportunity to develop, and a genuine desire to take action.

In what way is personal development important to you?

In a way, I think that’s the basis of everything. Without self-awareness, you cannot face either yourself or the world around you in a joyful way. It’s what helps you achieve both dreams and goals, while also creating more secure people in the world. If we were more secure and balanced, we wouldn’t have the problems that exist in the world today.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for me is what is long-term and best for both people and the planet.

Tell us something fun about yourself that you don't think many people know!

A fun thing that I realized might not be so common is that I can cook good food even if the fridge is basically empty.