Our most important resource at Gomero is our coworkers, as we are convinced that sustainability and success begin with the individual. Get to know Jan-Eric Nilsson!

How would you describe Gomero in three words?

Doing, learning, togetherness!

Innovation through curiosity - what does that mean to you?

To actively listen and reflect. Since it’s the customer’s challenges that drive our development, we must be close to the customer, which is based on a genuine interest and curiosity. In line with this, we wanted to create an environment that is creative and permissive but also responsible, while it’s also okay to make mistakes.

Another part is that I’ve always liked team sports, both as a performer and a spectator. When you get a group of individuals with the right dynamics, it always becomes clear that the power of the team trumps the individual. Using each other’s differences and skills to create magic is a cornerstone of how I want us to be at Gomero.

What does sustainability mean to you?

The obvious answer when it comes to me as an individual is to contribute to maintaining the earth’s resources so that there’s a future for my children and grandchildren.

When I think about how to implement sustainability in an organization, it’s about how things are connected. That is, how we feel at work, how we feel at home and our physical and mental health. A good life in my opinion is working with something I’m passionate about, surrounding myself with inspiring people and at the same time having a balance with my social life with loved ones. Last but certainly not least, my physical health is something that I myself have been putting aside from time to time, but that I’ve realized that I have to prioritize. Now that I have done so, I wonder why I didn’t start earlier.

Tell us about an extra fun memory you have!

Many of my fun memories are built around relationships at work. I am genuinely curious about people. It’s because I like to see the magic that occurs in a team when different types of people get to take their place and join in and contribute. I believe much more in “we” as a positive force than “I”.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Always think about “how can I contribute”? This applies in all constellations, but not least when you want to make a career. Another fundamental factor that takes you forward is to be interested and curious and never be afraid to ask. Making a “career” means being involved and contributing and at the same time building healthy relationships both with customers and colleagues!