Our most important resource at Gomero is our coworkers, as we are convinced that sustainability and success begin with the individual. Get to know Nina Lian!

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Kungsbacka with my husband and two boys, as well as a cat and a rabbit. Play and activities with the children fill a large part of my free time. I like animals and nature and exercising outdoors, preferably from the horseback. New interest since the house purchase is cultivation! It’s so much fun with your own little circuit.

What made you choose Gomero as your workplace?

I immediately got a good feeling when I took the job at Gomero, I felt it was a good match for me. What attracted me was the culture and the focus on sustainability. For me, it’s important to feel that the hours I spend working contribute to a good cause. I also like that there is a touch of humor, we laugh a lot together. It’s a workplace you want to come to!

In what way is personal development important to you?

It’s a high priority for me, I’m kind of curious and inquisitive. I always believe there is a better way to do things, and I want to keep learning more about myself and everyone around me. Knowledge is the key to development, and that journey never ends.

What is the best career advice you have received?

For me, it has always been about feeling good and enjoying myself, as well as keep developing myself. With a good balance in life, I have the conditions to do a good job, and then it will also be fun! Dare to be brave and step outside your comfort zone. That’s when I develop, by saying yes to things coming my way!

What does sustainability mean to you?

Regardless of whether it is about me, about my profession, my family, or the earth we are handing over, a sustainable approach is important to me. In summary, you can say that I want to leave as small a footprint as possible, and that goes with my liking for animals and nature. To work at a company that has such a comprehensive holistic approach to sustainability feels incredibly good.