Innovative solutions in the field of energy, focusing on sustainability

Earlier this year, Gomero was selected as one of the companies to participate in the "Business Accelerator Programme South East Asia" (BAPSEA). The accelerator program targets small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative solutions in the field of energy, focusing on sustainability.

“The initial analysis of the program confirms the image of Singapore as a very interesting market for Gomero. When macro factors are combined with market research and interviews with stakeholders and potential customers, we see that Gomero has an offering that matches Singapore's and local actors' needs in many respects,” comments Jasper Spencer, Head of International Sales and Business Development at Gomero.

Singapore commited to increase efficiency and sustainability in energy supply

A key factor contributing to Gomero's decision to turn its attention to Singapore is market potential. Singapore has six power generation companies and a transmission and distribution network operator (SP PowerGrid). Additionally, Singapore has an electrified railway network and extensive data centers, all with substations.

“In the discussions held during the initial part of the establishment process, SP PowerGrid has highlighted that sustainability and digitalization are central to their operations to improve the maintenance of the power grid and meet current and future demands. To enhance the reliability of the power grid, SP PowerGrid has already begun investing in real-time monitoring technology for its over 12,000 substations,” continues Jasper Spencer.

Behind Gomero's establishment plan is a well-proven and structured method for evaluating and prioritizing new markets. This initiative and participation in BAPSEA are in line with Gomero's overall goal of contributing to more efficient maintenance and more sustainable power grids.

“We are still in the early stages but already see good opportunities to be part of Singapore's efforts to increase efficiency and sustainability in energy supply,” concludes Jasper Spencer.

Modern maintenance makes a big difference

Gomero's SIPP™ Hub enables power grid companies to remotely and in real-time monitor critical components at substations. It supports customers in transitioning from the traditional, scheduled maintenance to condition-based and more predictive maintenance work. By collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, power grid companies gain reliable decision-making support, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, lower CO2 emissions through fewer site visits, and extended asset lifespans.

About Gomero

Gomero Group AB (publ) is a company that helps customers in the energy sector to achieve long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of systems and services for predictive maintenance - an area with very strong global growth. With connected products, sensors, AI and data analysis, we ensure that maintenance work can be carried out optimally and with a high degree of automation. For customers, this means increased insights, reliability, reduced costs and more opportunities to work with condition-based maintenance. It also enables for increased electrification and effective environmental and sustainability work. Gomero's customers include Ellevio, Vattenfall, Skagerak Energi, Fingrid, Deutsche Bahn and SA Power Network.