In Australia, major energy transition and modernization of electricity grids is underway

The order results from a previous supplier approval process, where amongst other capabilities functionality and IT security were evaluated. The order includes the delivery of five SIPP Node units to a value of approximately 85,000 Euro, which will ensure monitoring and control of Western Power's transformer pits.

The order is strategically important and is part of two major upgrade projects that are part of a green transition, where heavy investments in mainly solar power parks necessitates that Western Power needs to expand and modernize its electricity network infrastructure. Four out of five SIPP units will be installed on Western Power's transformers, which will use environmentally friendly ester instead of mineral oil as a cooling medium. In the event of a potential leak from the transformer, the SIPP Node can effectively detect both ester and mineral oil. The automated environmental protection of the oil catch pit under the transformer is an important part of the digitalization of maintenance work and meets the increasingly high environmental requirements for critical infrastructure.

“We are very happy to sign a new order with a large and important player in Australia. We have worked purposefully together with our local partner KingHill to be able to provide a solution that is in line with Western Power's long-term strategy for increased digitization and green transition. These are areas where SIPP can make a big difference for energy companies, regardless of where in the world they operate. In Australia, major energy transition and modernization of electricity grids is underway, and we are helping to move that forward. After a long period impacted by severe fires and lockdowns, it is now evident that the wheels are starting to roll in the region”, comments Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

“Being the only player on the market with a certified solution that can detect ester down to 1 PPM is a crucial reason why we are able to sign this order. In addition, the validation of Gomero’s cyber security capabilities also played a key role. This delivery will demonstrate that SIPP is the best solution for Western Power and we look forward to a long-term collaboration that can develop in step with their expansion and upgrade plans for the electricity network”, comments Jonas Lindholm, CEO at KingHill.

About Western Power

Western Power is a state-owned company in Western Australia that operates an electricity grid connecting over 2.3 million customers to conventional and renewable energy sources. Western Power owns and operates the majority of the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN). The power grid extends north to Kalbarri, east to Kalgoorlie and south to Albany and is not interconnected with other power systems. Western Australia is Australia's largest state in surface area and covers approximately 2.6 million km2. Western Power's electricity network consists of more than 103,000 km of power lines, 825,788 power poles and approximately 500 transformers.

In the state of Western Australia, authorities are working on a long-term strategy to update the electricity grid to ensure operations in a region with a harsh climate and recurring cyclones.

About SIPP och SIPP Hub

Gomero’s connected monitoring and control equipment SIPP has for a long time offered detection of oil leakage from the transformer and automatic environmental protection of the transformer bund. With SIPP Hub, completely new opportunities are created to connect more sensors and utilize Gomero's established and secure infrastructure to collect and analyze more data from more critical assets within electricity substations.

SIPP Hub enables customers to continue the transition from scheduled to predictive maintenance by connecting more equipment at the substation. At the same time, SIPP meets the customers' high demands on sustainability, safety, and cost savings. SIPP is the market leader in Sweden and helps over a hundred electricity grid owners in nine countries optimise their substation maintenance.

About Gomero

Gomero Group AB (publ) is a company that helps customers in the energy sector to achieve long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of systems and services for predictive maintenance - an area with very strong global growth. With connected products, sensors, AI and data analysis, we ensure that maintenance work can be carried out optimally and with a high degree of automation. For customers, this means increased insights, reliability, reduced costs and more opportunities to work with condition-based maintenance. It also enables for increased electrification and effective environmental and sustainability work. Gomero's customers include Ellevio, Vattenfall, Skagerak Energi, Fingrid, Deutsche Bahn and SA Power Network.