Risk mitigation is very high on the Australian customer agenda

SIPP is a control equipment for predictive maintenance at transformer stations. SIPP detects oil leakage from the transformer and confirms that the oil catch pit is sealed. SIPP also ensures that no transformer oil is leaked into the environment when maintenance work occurs or when water is emptied from the oil catch pit.

SIPP is monitored 24 hours a day, all year round. The control equipment has digital process support for installation and predictive maintenance via a web interface and app, and includes an interface for integration with the customer's business and maintenance system.

“All asset owners are responsible for risk mitigation of potential impacts from their infrastructure on the environment. With increasingly stringent governmental requirements, it is essential for asset owners to know what their current safety equipment can detect and if there are any limitations. Following this validation, asset owners can now be confident that SIPP is a verified solution that can solve these issues for them”, says Jonas Lindholm KingHill SIPP Pty Ltd, Gomero´s local partner in Australia.

“This verification is a crucial step forward in enabling more commercial deliveries of SIPP in the Australian market where risk mitigation is very high on the customer agenda”, says Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

Report conducted by the NATA-accredited ChemCentre

“There is no Australian standard that the innovative SIPP solution doesn’t fulfill today, but several potential customers in the region have separately requested a formal validation of SIPP’s oil cell capabilities and accuracy in Australia. While SIPP has undergone very demanding tests and validations in other markets, we now have a formal validation for Australia as well”, Jonas Lindholm concludes.

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