Gomero is upgrading installed SIPP devices

By the end of 2025, 2G and 3G networks will be phased out in Sweden, and everything connected to these networks will cease to function. Prior to the shutdown, Gomero is carrying out upgrades to installed SIPP units, providing our customers with better opportunities for remote and real-time monitoring of critical components at substations.

During the autumn, Gomero began preparations for the rollout of the upgrade work. "We continue to see high activity throughout 2024. Our focus during 2024 and 2025 is primarily on Sweden and Australia. Then we will shift our focus to upgrading installed units in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany," says Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

SIPP receives improved performance and higher security

In conjunction with the upgrade, we are implementing several new features that create additional value for our customers. With a comprehensive and ever-growing installed base of units at reputable customers in nine countries, a platform for additional revenue is created for both After Sales and Subscription. For example, we have implemented enhanced monitoring of the SIPP unit's internal components. The result of this is streamlined maintenance, better performance, and increased durability.

The upgrade not only entails higher speeds and increased capacity but also higher IT security with end-to-end encryption, which is one of the most reliable methods for ensuring confidentiality and security in digital communication. With a customer-centric and long-term strategy, the goal is always to offer a high-performance solution with fast and reliable communication throughout the product lifecycle.

About SIPP™

Gomero's SIPP™ provides electricity grid companies with the ability to remotely and in real-time monitor critical components at substations. It supports customers in transitioning from traditional, scheduled maintenance to condition-based and more predictive maintenance work. By using Gomero's established and secure infrastructure to collect and analyze large amounts of data, electricity grid companies meet the market's high demands for sustainability, security, and economy. SIPP is the market leader in Sweden and assists over a hundred grid owners in nine countries with predictive maintenance at the substation.