A high-performance solution with fast and reliable communication

In the telecom world, the transition from 2G/3G networks to 4G/5G represents a necessary global upgrade of the mobile network. This transition is crucial to ensure a robust communication system that can keep up with the rapid progress in software development. At Gomero, it is of utmost importance for us to stay at the forefront of this development. With a customer-centered and long-term strategy, our goal is always to provide a high-performance solution with fast and reliable communication. This is especially important as society's functions increasingly rely on a robust electrical grid and secure energy supply, which is one of our customers' major challenges today and has led to an increased demand for digital solutions. 

A central part of this development is the upgrade of Gomero's control unit SIPP to LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, enabling a smooth transition to 4G communication. This upgrade not only brings higher speeds and increased capacity but also enhances IT security with end-to-end encryption, one of the most reliable methods to ensure confidentiality and security in digital communication. In addition, the upgrade supports automatic registration of maintenance actions, streamlining and simplifying device management in the field.

More projects to meet future needs

In addition to the introduction of the new LTE technology, the upgrade and the new packaging include new hardware features prepared to meet future market demands and requirements. This means that newly developed additional features can be introduced quickly and easily. For example, we are now exploring the integration of sensors that enable automatic registration and condition monitoring of the components inside the SIPP cabinet. The focus here has been on the filter, as it has the shortest lifespan and therefore requires manual handling more often than other components. The result is streamlined maintenance, improved performance, and increased sustainability.

Always starting from the customer's needs, both during the development phase and implementation, is a fundamental principle for Gomero. By prioritizing high performance, sustainability, and security at every stage of development, we aim to contribute to shaping the digital future of the energy system with long-term and innovative solutions. With the latest comprehensive upgrade, we enable a well-prepared transition to the 4G/5G network, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

About SIPP™

Gomero's SIPP™ provides electrical grid companies with the opportunity for remote and real-time monitoring of critical assets in substations. It supports customers in transitioning from traditional scheduled maintenance to condition-based and more predictive maintenance work. By using Gomero's established and secure infrastructure to collect and analyze vast amounts of data, electrical grid companies meet the high standards of sustainability, security, and economics in the market. SIPP is the market leader in Sweden, assisting over a hundred grid owners in nine countries with predictive maintenance at the substation.

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