SIPP prevents oil spills at every 6 discharges

For over 15 years, SIPP has emptied transformer pits at the majority of the Swedish electricity grid and energy companies. Directly through stationary units or indirectly through mobile units used by the industry's maintenance contractors.

The discharge statistics show that SIPP prevents oil spills every 6 days.

25,000 SIPP discharges every year

The oil catch pit under the transformer catches both rainwater and oil leakage from the transformer. For the oil catch pit to hold all of the transformer oil in case of breakdown SIPP continuously measures the oil level and empties clean rainwater.

Every year we have approximately 25,000 flushes that lately summed up to 90,000m³.

5,600 is terminated due to high oil content

Nearly 15% of the maintenance empties must be terminated due to excessive oil content.