Pilot SIPP installations at German Avacon

Gomero Group AB, via its German partner, has received another order for pilot installations of SIPP control equipment. The latest order is from Avacon Netz GmbH, one of the largest regional energy suppliers in Germany. The delivery area extends from the North Sea coast to southern Hesse and includes large parts of the Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt states. The Avacon electricity network is approximately 6,460 km long and comprises around 440 transformer stations, with one to four transformers at each station.

SIPP control equipment is a connected unit for detecting oil leakage from the transformer, it  also checks that the oil trap pit is tight. SIPP ensures that the transformer oil always fits in the pit in the event of a breakdown.

The technical evaluation of SIPP has already been completed. As a partly owned subsidiary of E.ON, Avacon is using approval previously issued by its sister company Bayernwerk. The approval includes issues related to data security and data classification in a distributed environment. Therefore, Avacon is in a position to install a number of SIPP units, which will enable it to evaluate how the control equipment could be integrated into the business.

One step closer to commercial deliveries

- This order is an important step closer to more commercial deliveries of SIPP. Like its sister company Bayernwerk, Avacon has a strong focus on developing innovative solutions that allow it to meet future energy demands. The order confirms that more and more energy companies are ready to take on the added value that Gomero and SIPP offer, says Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

- The German market, just like the rest of the world, is facing extensive investments in the electricity grid. Gomero's SIPP is a natural part of a smarter electricity network as it meets safety, cost efficiency, and flexibility requirements. By using SIPP, companies in the energy sector are able to digitize their maintenance processes, while meeting increasingly stringent environmental and sustainability requirements, says Michael Cornelius, sales manager at Karberg & Hennemann, Gomero's partner and reseller on the German market.

About Avacon

Avacon is part of the E.ON group (61.5%) and has a strong local base where more than 80 municipalities and regions own 38.5% of the shares in the company. From the North Sea coast to southern Hesse, Avacon ensures a secure energy supply for municipalities, industry, trade, and households. More than 45,000 decentralized electricity generation plants are already connected to the company's electricity grid, which feeds more than 19 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy into the electricity grid each year.