Why we’re changing our name to Gomero?

Primarily because we’ve become an international company with customers in the Nordics, Germany, Australia, and many other countries, this is also where we see much of the growth ahead.

Also, our value proposition has evolved.

Historically, we delivered control equipment to detect oil leakage in transformator bunds. But now we often provide a secure communication hub that collects data from many different sensors. We offer both the hardware, the IoT-infrastructure, and SaaS-based services. So

Those are essential components in the future smart energy grid. According to Swedish Elforsk, future developments of the grid will focus on availability based on a connected infrastructure and predictive maintenance.



Company structure

IA Industriarmatur Group AB becomes Gomero Group AB. Org 556623-4976.

New share name: Gomero Group
Ticker: GOMERO
ISIN-code: SE0011167535

IA Industriarmatur AB becomes Gomero Nordic AB. Org 556551-2422.

Our headquarter adress is still Kämpegatan 16, 411 04 Gothenburg, Sweden, with local representatives in important markets.

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What about Industriarmatur?

We'll keep the name Industriarmatur to market products for flow control. Many customers have been with the brand for many years, and we're committed to serving this segment.

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What does Gomero really mean?

”Silbo Gomero (Spanish: silbo gomero [ˈsilβo ɣoˈmeɾo], 'Gomeran whistle'), also known as el silbo ('the whistle'), is a whistled register of Spanish used by inhabitants of La Gomera in the Canary Islands to communicate across the deep ravines and narrow valleys that radiate through the island. It enables messages to be exchanged over a distance of up to 5 kilometres.”

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